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Welcome to UGS Medical and UGS Dental! We offer a wide variety of dental, medical, and safety products, with great prices and superior customer service. Check out our featured products below by clicking on the product image, or click on the product category button at left, or search our site (above right). If you can't find the products you are looking for, call or email us!

Authorized provider of dental products, equipment, and cabinetry to all branches of U.S. government.

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Dental Products on ECAT Contract SPM2DH-13-D-8221

  • Base Vac Vacuum Systems
  • Crown Seating Stools
  • Dentalez Equipment
  • DNTL Works Portable & Mobile Equipment
  • NevinLabs™ Workstations
  • NexLabs Dental Casework
  • RAMVAC® Utility
  • SciCan Sterilizers
  • StarDental® Instruments
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    Emergency Preparedness Products

    Storms, natural disasters, virus outbreaks - all these can happen quickly, and can be devastating to your operations and those you serve. Make sure you have the supplies you need on hand now. Check to make sure supplies are current (not expired, and in working order), and are stored in places where you will need them. Don't wait until disaster strikes!

    Skin Prep Products

    Elyptol Wins NEXTY Award-Best New Natural Living Product

    Elyptol, a natural botanical antimicrobial hand sanitizer wins a New Hope NEXTY award at Natural Products Expo East.

    Skin Prep Products

    Zika Preparedness

    The Zika Virus is an epidemic amongst the world where mosquitos are a large issue. Protect skin with Bug X Insect repellant towelettes or spray.

    Skin Prep Products

    PPE Dispenser Stations

    Many models which hold and dispense vital PPE for healthcare professionals.

    Skin Prep Products

    Respiratory Hygiene Stations

    Several models hold and dispense disposable infection control products, such as tissues, masks, and hand santizing wipes. All include CDC Cover Your Cough sign in signholder.

    Skin Prep Products

    High Risk Protection Kit

    Designed for full body protection in contagious disease and toxic chemical situations, such as ebola prevention and chemotherapy spill clean up.

    Skin Prep Products


    Emergency Kits

    Personal Protection Kits in case of pandemics:
    Personal Contagious Barrier Kit
    Personal Pandemic Kit

    OSHA-Compliant Spill Clean-Up Kits:
    Standard Emergency Spill Kit
    Econo Emergency Spill Kit
    Econo Safety Spill Kit

    Skin Prep Products

    Trauma Kits

    Kits for emergency treatment of gunshot and other wounds

    Flipchart with CDFlipchart In Use Hanging On Wall

    Safety Flipchart

    Wall-mountable safety reference chart comes with a CD of templates awaiting your custom content. Ideal for emergency procedures.


    Can't Find the Kit You Are Looking For?

    UGS Medical and UGS Dental can fulfill your requirements
    for custom medical and safety kits.

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